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The only way to lose is to actually play in the game

The only way to lose is to actually play in the game

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Today i looked back on some of the greatest years of my life, the ones where i was younger and at the hight of my soccer career. The funny thing is though I wasn't thinking about the winning, the trophies or the goals. I thought about what it was like to lose. I remembered the feeling i had to walk off the field after being beaten in the last game of the season. Truth of it is though, would I have given up all the fun i had for all those loses i experienced. I think life experiences work the same way. You work hard to make the team, after that you work hard to play on the field, and finally you work hard to become a factor on the team. However not every day is going to be a victory. Lately I've come to terms with the "losing" of life. It happens. It happens when you don't want it to and sometimes it happens so hard that you feel like giving up. But that should never take away from the fact that you've made it as far as you have. Keep playing and eventually you'll get to that place where you feel like you've accomplished enough. And if you don't reach it, you push harder for more. Too many opportunities are out there to just give up. so yeah..... why am i writing this? and why now??? i guess i feel as though it's better to post random thoughts on here then it ever is to philosophize this to someone randomly. Not saying that I don't feel like i can, but finding the segway into it and then having them sit and listen to it is too long of a process for me :). I even since the last post on here i look at life even more differently now. I've grown up a lot being single. A LOT!!!! and it's been great! I've needed this for probably the past 10 years of my life. The years i chose not to be single. The years I went searching for "the one". The more i searched the more I found myself learning, and learning in a good way. And now that i've educated myself in that way, I've decided to educate myself in a different way, a way that is completely opposite of what i've been doing. So what is left after this???? I think i know. But that's for me to know, and not to post on here. Funny thing is if i actually do read back through this at some point i'll know just what i'm talking about. But with that said, I think i can say "hopefully soon!". More time is what i need at this point, and there are great opportunities coming up where i'll have that. I'm more aware than ever about myself now. The long journey has been worth it, and not only have i been fixing myself but i've also felt like i've been able to help others a lot better too. Each day that goes by, i become more comfortable and aware of who i am.
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