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Begin the summer of 2010

Begin the summer of 2010

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it's 5:30am and i can't sleep. Of course I know why. I tried to call her about my grades that i know i got and she's out at the bar. whatever.... It's hard to let go of something that has been good, and when you get older you begin to hate having to start over again and again, because you're in that stage in your life where moving onward in just the game plan. So what now??? Well i guess it's time to start over. Will i regret this decision? i guess in the long run no. Today at work my friend Amanda came in and waited for me so i could help her with her Blackberry. Amanda is one of those girls that makes every guy look. But for me, why am i so picky? I think she's great but maybe not for me... maybe i need to give people a chance. I need someone around my age. Who has gone through a little more, maybe... Or maybe the youngness of someone who can learn from what i've done is good too. So enter the summer of 2010. Who will i meet this summer??? It should be interesting and I am actually excited for it to happen. The summer i mean. For the first time I will be up in lansing by myself. And it is going to be wonderful. Oh by the way, classes went well too for the most part! Ok world, come get me, I am ready this time!!!
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    You have a lot of bad luck, are you sure you want to invite the world to come and "get you"?
    • Re: Cool

      ...yeah the world includes dudes, and they come out in droves during the summer but maybe that's the twist that they world is gonna bring your way this time...
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