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my final downfall?

my final downfall?

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So this might be it. This is the worst semister i have ever had. Concentration is gone, and my grades are getting worse. What has happened. It seems as though my search for happiness has overcome me and the drive to not be hurt anymore has destroyed my concentration on this school year. This very well could be my end. I worked so hard to get to where I am at and feel as though I have pissed away an entire semester. Is this worth it to you matt? whatever happened to that drive you had, the one that motivated others to be like you and strive for something better then what they had. The one where people looked up to you? it is a new day today... time to put down the books and fall into sleep. i place where i can't be hurt. I place where i can rethink what has happened and hopefully wake up a different person. concentration is key right now. It's not over and I will not go down without a fight on my hands. there is still a little bit of time left and it is up to me what i do with it. I've worked too hard! nothing can be changed from the past.... time to move forward with life. Where is forward taking me? i guess that is up to me now isn't it?
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